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A Group Servicing Organization

Excel Rx partners with multiple top tier GPO's to maximize your savings and increase your revenue
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About Us

"Our mission is to help our valued members secure the best contract pricing available for the goods and services they purchase every day."

Our Vision

What Differentiates Us.

Excel Rx GSO is delivering industry leading value for providers and the patients they serve through unique sourcing strategies that proactively aligns clinical input and sound business principles. We deliver sustainable cost reductions utilizing our top tier GPO partnerships to provide best-of-breed GPO prices, as well as aggressive pharmacy pricing access through our sister company RxOneShop. In addition, we offer a one stop contact for customer support delivering superior customer service to all our members. We work for you!

Member Benefits

Convenience / Ease of Use: You can access contracts from multiple sources through a single point of contact.

Access to broadest & deepest contract portfolios in the industry including top tier GPO partners with more than $50 billion in contracted spending.

Analytics to help you manage purchasing and ensure that you always pay the correct price through our spend impact analysis services.

Access to a state-of-the-art Medicare Part D network support, 835/EOB remittance advice management and audit compliance and resolution services.


Our Members

Our unique and cost effective programs cover, but are not limited to, the following classes of trade:

  • Home Health/Infusion Agencies
  • Retail Pharmacies
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Closed Shop Pharmacies
  • Correctional Markets
  • Hospice
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Physician Offices

Our Executive Team

The Excel Rx Executive Team includes dedicated professionals with expertise across a range of industries, as well as a shared commitment to provide Excel Rx's valued members with sound analysis and excellent customer service:

Rocky Whitehead, R.Ph.


Rocky brings more than 30 years of long term care pharmacy experience to Excel Rx. Prior to becoming Excel’s president, Rocky spent 10 years building Pharmco, his Ohio-based, long term pharmacy. Pharmco grew to five pharmacies, situated throughout three regions of the United States, and serviced 24,000 beds with revenue of $95 million. Prior to Pharmco, Rocky served as president and co-owner of Home Care Pharmacy. Following Omnicare’s acquisition of the long term care pharmacy in 1989, Rocky served as President of Home Care and Regional Vice President of Omnicare’s largest, most profitable region. As he developed Pharmco, Rocky became disillusioned with the quality of the GPO’s services. He teamed up with other pharmacy owners to create Excel Rx to provide LTC and Home Infusion Pharmacies with a better option.

Rusty Youngkin

Vice President/Customer Relations

Customer Oriented Professional with a proven track record of success in the Healthcare Group Purchasing marketplace. Prior to joining Excel Rusty spent 12 years with Medassets one of the nation’s largest GPOs. During his time at Medassets he held several positions in Sales, Data Analytics, and Client Management. He began his career at Medassets in the Acute Care arena. For the last 6 years he worked exclusively in the Alternate Care business at Medassets. Rusty’s background makes him an ideal person to help Customers maximize the value they receive from working with Excel Rx.

Taylor Whitehead

Director of Customer Relations

Taylor is the newest member of our Excel Rx team and excited to get to work for you! His profile content is still being generated, but should be available soon.


Laura Lorenz

Administrative Resource Manager

Laura is the Administrative Resource Manager for Excel Rx. She ensures cross departmental collaboration between Excel Rx and members to enhance operational efficiencies and drive maximized savings to surpass member satisfaction and overall experience. Laura has 15 plus years experience in healthcare and knows what it takes to develop a great relationship between members, suppliers and distributors. During this time, she worked at MedAssets and Provista as an Enrollment Analysis, Customer Service Specialist, Implementation Manager, and Account Manager in the Alternate Care Sector. She gained experience on all aspects of supply chain operations, materials management, and integrated business process management.

Stacey Romoser

Director of Administration

Involved in the long term care pharmacy industry since 2004, Stacey has worked in purchasing and collections for a large pharmacy in Cincinnati, Ohio. She left the pharmacy to create and operate her own business and brings valuable administrative expertise to her position with Excel Rx.

RxOneShop works with thousands of pharmacies across the country partnering with multiple suppliers.

Using their buying power across all their customer base, they leverage better prices from over 8,000 + in their inventory covering:

  • Branded Drugs
  • Generic Drugs
  • OTC's
  • Short Dated Drugs
  • Diabetic Supplies
  • CBD Oils

There is never any cost to using their services. Every order ship’s for next day delivery free of charge with just a $150 minimum order.

RxOneShop has a very user friendly website for ordering. Please access it at
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a Group Servicing Organization (GSO) and a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

A GPO is the entity that leverages the purchasing power of its members to obtain reduced pricing from vendors through its catalog of products. They then extend that awarded vendors pricing to its members. GPO’s generally prefer to be used as a single entity to its members.
As a GSO, we partner with multiple GPO partners for the flexibility in reviewing and providing back the best GPO pricing found for our members. We find the best option for them while providing a one stop contact approach to deliver on outstanding customer service. We go to work for them!

Is there a cost associated with joining Excel Rx's program?

No. It costs you nothing to join but membership in the Excel Rx program is priceless.

If I join your program, am I obligated to a minimum purchase commitment, in terms of either a dollar amount or a percentage of my monthly purchases?

No! Unlike some GPOs, there is no minimum purchase commitment with Excel Rx. Members only utilize those contracts that make financial sense for your business. We want to earn your business contract-by-contract. However, most of our members find that they achieve maximum value by utilizing Excel Rx for the majority of their purchases.

I currently belong to another GPO. Do I have to drop my current GPO if I join Excel Rx?

From Excel Rx's standpoint, the answer is no. We could become an additional option for you and you could utilize any Excel Rx contracts that are more competitive than what your current GPO provides. However, we recommend that you review the contract you have with your existing GPO to confirm your obligations or limitations. Your current GPO may or may not require that you use them exclusively.

My current GPO allows me to utilize their PDP network contracts to maximize my Medicare Part D reimbursement. Does Excel Rx provide this service, as well?

We do. Excel Rx members have access to GeriMed's PDP network. The rates on GeriMed's payor contracts are very competitive.

Your home page mentions RxOneShop. Can you tell me more about that?

Sure. RxOneShop is a sister company to Excel Rx. RxOneShop sources from multiple generic wholesalers and manufacturers. They pre-shop these sources every day to insure that you get the best available pricing every time you order.

Do you offer contract pricing for anything other than pharmaceuticals?

Yes. We offer very aggressive contact prices for capital equipment, furniture, office supplies, Med/Surg products, Telecommunication Plans, Computers, Food and Nutrition, Janitorial Supplies, and Med/Surg Distribution just to name a few.

How can I best determine if joining Excel Rx would be of financial benefit to my organization?

We can perform a quick, no obligation analysis to determine what savings you can realize by joining Excel Rx. Just give us a call and we'll get that ball rolling.

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